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Fitness For All. Fitness For Life.

We are a diverse community that is FUSED in fitness. 

We FIGHT to hold each other accountable.

And we FINISH the goals set forth.

Fitness is a journey that lasts a lifetime and we want you to continue to discover more about yourself through our programs and coaching. We subscribe to the theory that by moving with proficiency you will achieve workout efficiency. This will result in less injuries and better results.

As you become stronger and more fit, you will also see other areas of improvement in your life like nutrition, sleep, personal confidence and a larger circle of friends. Your goals may change over time, at The Forge, we hope you discover that you are capable and able to do a little more than you once thought. 

Our gym is lead by 8 passionate coaches, covers 6,000 sq ft, has a variety of state of the art equipment, and is home to some of the most inspiring and caring members a gym could ask for. No better time than now to discover what a lifetime of fitness looks like, and to join a solid community of others striving to do the same. Your first class is on us!

Mike Vialpando

Owner/ Operator/ Head Coach

CF-L2/ PYCC Brand X Method/ CF Spot The Flaw/ CF Scaling Course/ CF Judges Course

Favorite Movements: Snatch/ HSPU

Favorite WOD: Murph

8 yrs Crossfit Experience

6 yrs CF coaching classes

5 yrs CF coaching competitive athletes

I first got into Crossfit in the midst of dark season of my life. Alcohol was a big priority at that time and as an ex-collegiate athlete, the need for some sort of competitive activity was needed. My first workout was Murph...painful. I went back a few more times but my life was no where near balanced and self-discipline was low.

After a short hiatus from Crossfit, I decided to give it another try see what happens. I immediately found that competitive fire I was looking for, being challenged each day with trying to conquer and master new skills I have never thought I'd ever do. My goal was to just keep showing up, and soon enough it became habitual...the showing up part that is.

Working at St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta for 10 yrs, I saw what disease looked like and I wanted to create something that helped get in front of it, so, I started a youth program, jump starting ,y coaching journey. I found myself researching and studying various fitness programs, and I saw there was a common theme which I heard my dad say as I was playing sports as a child...start with the basics. 

This whole fitness thing doesn't have to be complicated. The cool thing is you get to come as you are. There is no prerequisite. What Crossfit offers in fitness is adaptability towards progress. The only competition is you and no matter how advanced any athlete becomes, there is an endless amount of improvement to be made at any point in your life.

My hope here at The Forge is that people work on their strength on a couple levels, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Humans are forever growing, never too old to learn something new, and thats what I want people to do, learn new things. Learn about themselves, their capabilities, their strengths, both known and unknown. How does one know their limits unless they are tested? I have seen so many athletes from the ages of 5 yrs old to 90 yrs (literally) come into a Crossfit gym and become stronger and more fit by doing the little things one day at a time. The only limits a person has are the ones they place on themselves.

We are one house with many rooms. We are a group of people with different skills, circumstances, and strengths. Life and Crossfit are parallels. For me, it's hard to do either solo. You can get by for a while on your own, but inevitably we desire community. When challenges in life or simply in a workout slow us down, those folks around us who encourage and cheer us on get us through those moments. When it's all said and done, we can look back at the things we have accomplished and know that each step forward, no matter how big or small, has played its part in who and where we are today. Crossfit has made me stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. It's what drives me to serve the community locally and at large. I hope it can serve a purpose for you as well.

“Success is peace of mind that comes with the self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you were capable of becoming.”

- John Wooden

Jill Wise

CF-L2/ CF Spot The Flaw/ CF Scaling

Favorite movements: Handstand Walk/ Snatch

Favorite WOD: Helen

2 yrs Crossfit experience

6 months CF coaching experience

Crossfit has changed my life in a number of ways. I struggled with undiagnosed low-grade depression for years. While I maintained a level of fitness, nothing has made dramatic changes to my mental health like regular Crossfit classes. 

I have also learned to love  and appreciate my strong body. I always struggled with lifting weights because I knew some shirts would no longer fit my shoulders or pants would be too tight in the thighs. Now, I look forward to the next item of clothing donated for those reasons. Above all, I love the sense of community at The Forge. I always look forward attending or coaching a class, 

There are so many things to be thankful at The Forge: the camaraderie, the encouragement, the friendships, the accomplishments. It is my happy place.

"Do the earth a favor, don't hide your magic young pueblo."

Crossfit/ Fitness has shown me that with hard work and time you growj ust like a tree. It is an investment in your life. 

I have found that fitness has helped me mentally, showing me I am more capable, stronger, and more powerful than I thought possible preparing for whatever life throws as me.

As a firefighter, I take the skill, strength, and aerobic work of the training in the gym and implement in my day to day duties at work. There is no doubt that my body is prepared and capable of doing far more under stress than I once thought and in my line of work, that can mean life or death.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

- Chinese Proverb

Luke Jones

CF-L2/ AFF/NASM Personal Training

Favorite Movement: Heavy Front Squats

Favorite WOD: Dianne/ Murph

3 yrs Crossfit experience

1 yr CF coaching experience

8 yrs Personal Trainer/ Group Fitness Trainer

Janetta Lavender

CF-L2/ CF Spot The Flaw/ Beach Body/ Piyo

Favorite Movements: Snatch/ Overhead Squat

Favorite WOD: Randy/ Grace

2.5 yrs Crossfit experience

6 months CF coaching

I have a pretty busy, high stress job, and fitness has always been an outlet to help me calm my life down and manage all that stress. 

I'm also an EXTREME introvert and Crossfit and coaching has helped to bring me out of my shell and become more open. I've found a great community of people that over the years I've depended on for the fun but also the heavy stuff and I'm thankful for that.

"Hard works beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Have I not commanded you? Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord our God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Lexi Markowitz

CF-L2/ Wodapalooza Team Competitor

Favorite Movement: Cleans

Favorite WOD: Anything with heavy lifting & high skill gymnastics 

7 yrs Crossfit experience

2 yrs CF coaching experience

Crossfit has allowed me to lean into my athleticism, and appreciate my body for what it is able to do rather than how it looks. 

I live for the community that Crossfit creates, inside and outside of the gym. I couldn't suffer through tough training days without the mental push from my training partners and coach.

As a coach, I want athletes to have fun and I want to help push them past the things they think they cannot do. Also, I love helping new athletes integrate into this community. It can be intimidating, but once you get know a few people, you realize we are all humans just trying to be a little more fit together.

Allison Simmons

CF-L2/ USAW L1/ CF Masters Course/ CF Spot The Flaw/ CF Scaling Course/ CF Judges Course

Favorite Movement: Rope Climbs

Favorite WOD: Partner ones

8 yrs Crossfit Experience

2 yrs CF coaching experience

The impact Crossfit has had on my life were the little things at first. Just walking better was a win. Then the little aches and pains in my joints began to hurt less going up and down the stairs.

Crossfit makes me feel prepared physically and mentally. It also allows me to share a passion with my family as well. My husband and I often participate in classes together.

I enjoy coaching classes, but the impact I have seen in one on one sessions with variety of athletes has been astonishing and quite rewarding. I have several clients that I work with throughout the week and to see the progress they make and the physical challenges and fitness improvements they have made really gives me joy.

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy."

- John Denver

23 Maple St Roswell, GA 30075

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